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Build 1 is a bit misleading really as it's not my first build.  I have quite a few under my belt, including a ZX7 WSB rep, a XJR1200 build, Ducati 888 WSB rep etc, however the bikes you see here are the only ones still in my stable and the most current. This was my first since moving to

Norfolk back on 2002. it started life as the HD monstrosity you see in the top right and evolved into the monster on the left. It was purchased from 3 Cross in 2005 as a 3yr old machine with only just over 2000 miles of use. The damn thing shone with sparkly chrome and was a bit garish to look at in standard form, some folk like that I guess, but it rode quite brilliantly. Quite a departure for me considering my other bike at the time was a MV Agusta F4 which made way for a Yammie OW02 R7. I had plans but what they were I'm not sure now, but those plans were put to one side when I stripped her completely and stood back to see what I had. This had to be low, dark, look good and be fast. The front end would be changed, so too the wheels, suspension and paintwork. A new seat and rear bodywork was also required. So using that as the plan I started.

The frame was blasted and stove enamelled dark grey by Mick at Solo, while this was being done the motor was serviced and the cases painted by mick also in a matt aluminium. This now gave me the perfect base to start with

The frame was mocked up with the swingarm along with a new set of custom made shocks from YSS in the States to my spec. The quality of these is faultless and give quite a stiff (ish) ride. To set off the bike I had a set of Cross Radial Laced fat spokes wheels made by HD Wheels again in the US ofA. Why get all this kit from America, simply because it's cheaper than rip-off Britain, even with shipping and rip-off duty. The next problem was the chain conversion. Solved with an offset front sprocket and a custom rear, not to mention a bloody big 630 heavy duty chain. So much nicer than a quite, clean belt. The tank, (really an airbox cover) was modified to hold an endurance twin filler, which does nothing other than look the part, and the seat unit and seat pan were fabricated by Richie at Competition Fabrications in aluminium to my drawings. A carbon wrapped undertray cleans up the underside nicely.

After engine install and wiring, the Power Commander, mapped for the Vance and Hines pipework was fitted. Whilst the bodywork was being decorated by Ty at Pageant Paint , I had some forward controls made to my drawings all in billet ally and fitted a set of Rizoma bars, which were later changed for a set of clipons.

At the front is a set of Storz forks and yolks with Pretech 6 pots for stopping the beast.  So how does it ride? Well it's not like a comfy old Harley Vrod that's for sure. It's quick, off the clock quick. It's rapid off the mark and will pull effortlessly to 140mph easily. To be honest, it's scary, but if ridden at a reasonable pace it's easy peasy. Sure, it doesn't handle like the Zeph, and it needs musceling around the twisties,

but once it's over it's stable and smooth.

As I stated earlier, it's a fairly hard ride so

I don't hit the crappy roads too often. As

for the brakes, well it's over-braked to be

honest so you have to be careful not to

lock the front up, but that's easy enough.

Now to the noise. I cannot ride it without

ear plugs, but that's me being a whimp,

cos it's a boomer. Overall, I love this bike.

It's my original and it attracts a crowd

wherever it parks up, even at Krazy Horse.

Painted by


Sprockets by



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